Dr. Raymond H. Hamden

Clinical & Forensic Psychologist
Consultant in Political Psychology

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    Dr. Raymond H. Hamden earned a Ph.D. in Psychology (1977) and continued post-graduate studies at the Philadelphia School of Modern Psychoanalysis (1980).  Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Political Psychology was earned at University of Maryland, Center for International Development & Conflict Management (CID/CM, 1986).

    Consulting in Clinical & Forensic Psychology, Political Psychology, Profiling, Crisis Intervention, Trauma, and Homeland Security, he holds Diplomate status and Fellow status in professional organizations by peer review and examination.  Currently, Dr. Hamden was in private practice and now consults international from Washington DC and Dubai UAE..

    Chief, Psychology Services [April 1980 – July 1983] U.S. Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Home, Washington DC. Supervised psychology staff, lead 12 step addiction program, Grand Rounds at Walter Reed Medical Center, clinical research with Naval Hospital and Medical Center Bethesda.  Video publications with Walter Reed Medical Center, Training Library – Psychological Testing, Psychology of Aging.

    Contributions in Forensic & Political Psychology

    AlaKat: relationships for all Languages (in manuscript form to be published 2019)

    “MuwaHiddoun to Druze and Back Again: in search of true identity” American University of Beirut Conference, The Druze Millennium: Celebrating a Thousand Years of Diversity. Panel 2 presentation on 30 October 2018, Lebanon

    Psychology of Terrorists: Profiling and CounterAction (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Publishers, mid November 2018 distribution).

    Can Hip-Hop Help Combat Religious Extremism? Full length Film “Noisey Lebanon”.  Watch https://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/article/noisey-lebanon-documentary-full-hip-hop-beirut

    Screen Time: solutions and beyond    22 January 2017 Clarion School PTO Assembly.

    Balanced-4-Life: Before BurnOut (WestBow Press, 2016 August)

    Transforming Dysfunctional Organization: Convergences in Applied Clinical, Social, & I/O Psychology,[Workshop, 3 hours] Department of Psychology, University of the Philippines (16 April 2016)

    Selected as Judge, HULT PRIZE of the Clinton Foundation, American University of Sharjah.
    On 12 December 2015.

    Marriage Map: Chaos to Cooperation [workshop] St Mary’s Church, Family Ministry, Dubai UAE.  On 07 December 2015.

    Forensic Psychology in the UAE.  The UAE Psychologist Newsletter, Vol 5. May-Dec. 2015, page 5 & 14.

    Psychology of Terrorists: 4 Types [New Dimensions] North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital, KeyNote Address at the Perioperative Nursing Conference, 07 November 2015

    July 2015 Cultural Competency Grand Rounds, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Lecture: “The Practical Side of Psychology in the Arab Gulf States: Beyond Language” and Workshops: “Relating to the Arab Gulf Families”

    April 2015, [Psychiatry Conference] 3rd Annual International Mood and Anxiety Treatment Guideline Congress, Dubai UAE.  Keynote Address: “Culture Conditioning and Emotions: the affective balance for better practice”.

    April 2015, Fulbright Scholars – Afghanistan, Workshop: “Reverse Culture Shock”.  Miami University in Oxford Ohio, sponsored by US Department of State, and International Institute of Education.

    December 2014 Geriatric Summit, President. Facilitator of the National Capacity Building panel of experts: Guidelines for Laws, Ethical Principles, Scope of Practice for Geriatrics and Gerontology.

    October 2014, The Henry C Lee Institute of Forensic Sciences, Arnold Markle Symposium. Psychology Perspective on Elderly AbuseLecture/Workshop, University of New Haven, Connecticut.

    February 2014, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Conference. True Faces of Terrorists seminar, Seattle, Washington.

    In December 2013, Dr. Hamden was the opening Keynote Address at the ASIS 7th Asia-Pacific Security Forum, Macau China.  The topic was “New Dimensions in Profiling Terrorists”.

    October 2013, The Henry C Lee Institute of Forensic Sciences, Arnold Markle Symposium. Global Perspective on Profiling Offenders: Interview with Alleged Offenders and Prevention Workshop, University of New Haven, Connecticut.

    May 2013, HEDAYAH [Abu Dhabi] led aClosed Meeting of Experts of Psychology in Rehabilitation of Violent Extremists, in collaboration with United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute [UNICRI], International Center for Counter Terrorism [ICCT] The Hague, the Bureau of Counterterrorism in the US Department of State invited Dr. Hamden to be a participant in this post hoc to the Rome Memorandum On Good Practices for Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Violent Extremist Offenders.

    With the University of Maryland, Dr. Hamden was a 1986 Visiting Fellow at the Center for International Development and Conflict Management.  His research and consulting was in Political Psychology – the psychology of terrorists and hostage situations.  He coined the term “The Retributional Terrorist – Type 4“. 

    His work “The Retributional Terrorist – Type 4” was published as a chapter in a 4-volume text entitled The Psychology of Terrorism, Dr. Chris Stout (editor, 2002). 

    Also, he is invited to write a chapter entitled “Unresolved Trauma and the Thirst for Revenge: The Retributional Terrorist” for Volume I of a three-volume project entitled The Making of A Terrorist by James JF Forest, Ph.D. (editor 2005) of The West Point United States Military Academy.

    By invitation, he has presented before the US Senate and wrote for the US House of Representatives:

    “Psychological Aspects of IsTishHad:   Suicide or Sacrifice” expert witness testimony presented before the United States Senate Anti-Terrorism Caucus, special topic on the Middle East suicide missions.  Washington, D.C. 26 March 1986

    “Islamic Fundamentalism:  Terrorism or Psychological Resistance” written testimony submitted to and published in the series of HEARINGS before the subcommittee on Europe and the Middle East of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S.  House of Representatives. Washington, D.C., Fall / Winter 1985, Page 416-425.

    Other expert publications and presentation include

    Psychology of Terrorists: 4 Types [New Dimensions] North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital,

    KeyNote Address at the Perioperative Nursing Conference, 07 November 2015

    Proper Relations to Prosperous Resolutions, presented at TedX Muscat, May 2011
    Forensic Science in the Islamic Legal System, presented at the American Academy of

    Forensic Sciences Conference, February 2013, Washington, DC

    Suicidal terrorists, in Herzog-Evans M., Transnational Criminology Manual, Wolf Legal Publishers, Nijmegen, 2010

    Seminar/workshop presented at the September 2006 Conference
    American Board of Certification in Homeland Security

    “The Retributional Terrorist – Type 4”.  University of Maryland – Center for International
    Development and Conflict Management, College Park.   Archives, Fall 1987

    On Being Druze: a Psycho-Social Perspective. Middle East Insight, Washington, D.C.

    Volume 4 Number 1, February 1985.

    Academia Involvement

    Dr. Hamden has taught and supervised undergraduate and graduate student in psychology and behavioral science as General Psychology, Social Psychology, Human Development, Abnormal Psychology, Crisis Intervention, and Group Dynamics. For the Department of Business Administration courses included Organizational Behavior, Psychology of Advertising, Business Ethics, Business Communications, and other related subjects. He has also consulted to international companies and organizations in Cross-Cultural Awareness, Managing Diversity, Creating Effective Workgroups, Self-Awareness, Stress Management, Transitional and Leadership Changes.

    He has taught for Middlesex University [Graduate Program], College of Medicine – University of Sharjah, University of Charleston, Lectured for Thunderbird University, Duke University, American University in Dubai, American University in Sharjah; Supervised students from Syracuse University, University of Houston, Sussex University, Brigham Young University, University of Virginia, American University of Beirut, George Washington University, Lewis & Clark University (Oregon), InterColleges (Cyprus) University of Indianapolis [Clinical Professor].


    Dr. Hamden has presented training and performed consultation in Critical Incident Debriefing and Emergency Planning as well as Trauma Situation and Identification and Political Psychology in Afghanistan, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Israel, France, India, Iran, Lebanon, USA, and in more than 30 international locations.

    At the Winter 2011 Conference, Dr. Hamden was admitted to Membership in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS).  Fellowstatus was awarded in February 2015 at AAFS Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences section.

    For professional distinction, Dr. Hamden was awarded Fellow status in the American College of Forensic Examiners International.  He also serves on the Board of Advisors (since 2004), American Board of Psychological Specialties (ABPS) of ACFEI.  Dr. Hamden was selected as the Chair of ABPS (2010-2012). He also holds Board of Advisory post on the American Board of Crisis Intervention Professionals, elected Vice-Chair (2011- 2012) International College of the Behavioral Science and serves on the ACFEI Executive Boar (2008-2012).

    October 2008, Dr. Hamden was appointed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) as Chair, Panel of Psychology Experts to facilitate the creation and implementation of Psychology Laws of Practice, Code of Ethical Principles, and Scope of Practice for Psychology.

    March 2007, he was selected to service on the Plenary committee and workshop for the European Space Agency (ESA) and consult on the clinical elements of human Psychology of Space Travel.

    The International Union of Psychological Sciences (IUPsyS) in collaboration with The International Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP) and The International Association of Cross Cultural Psychology  (IACCP) selected Dr. Hamden as President of the Middle East / North Africa Regional Conference on Psychology (MENA RCP) which was held December 2003 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    In the early 1980’s Dr. Hamden was Chief of Psychology Services at the U.S. Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Home in Washington, D.C.  He provided and supervised a full range of behavioral science services with a professional staff, including substance abuse treatment assessment and programs.

    Developing Employee Assistance Programs and facilitating Corporate Training and Development programs are some of the features Dr. Hamden manages into his schedule.  Two articles on Organizational Psychology were published – Employee Selection and Placement: assessment application in the Middle East and The Importance of Career Interest Tests in the Arab World.

    Others topics appeared in Gulf Marketing Review as Corporate Conflicts, Sales Psychology.  Both appeared in the Middle East Quality Review.  He is author of Balanced-4-Life: Before Burn-Out (WestBow Press 2016).  Other peer reviewed articles and programs are ongoing.  Another topic and text ‘AlaKat: Relationship in all life factors (2017).

    Media Psychology

    Movie Genre Preference Personality Inventory, Co-Author with Ma. Christine L. Basilio, Elena Andriotis, Naila El-Abiary (Dubai International Film Festival 2012, Bronze Award).

    Dr. Hamden has appeared as an expert in international media: MBC, Bulgarian TV, ABC 20/20, Al Hurra TV, Al Jazeerah English TV, ABC Good Morning America, National Public Radio, CNN, BBC, Al Arabiya, Canada AM, and many others; local networks have regularly called on his professional analysis and testimony in various topics on general clinical psychology issues, political psychology profiling, and forensic critical incidents.

    In The Psychologist’s Chair ® with Dr. Raymond Hamden.This program debuted in Dubai, with a season of VIP guests (H.E. Benazir Bhutto, Riz Khan), topics, and helpful ideas. Spring-Summer 2011 season, this program goes on World Talk Radio – Variety.

    Having published in several magazines weekly and monthly, he had a weekly Psychology segment on English Radio and on Arabic Radio. Currently, Dr. Hamden consults as a Media Psychologist to various media sources, broadcast and print.

    Historical Activities in General

    During his youth, he was voted as President (1970-1971) of the American Druze Society. At the time, he was 21 years old and credited with the sustenance of the ADS from termination of activities. Supported by many Druze families across the USA, the ADS is a viable organization housing thousands of American Druze members who are among the four generations of USA born Druze. The heritage is primarily from LeVant region [Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine/Israel] of the Middle East or Near East sector of Earth.
    A co-convener of the Globalization for the Common Good – an international conference, this event was held March 2004 in Dubai.  At two of these conferences [including Oxford University], Dr. Hamden presented on Al Tawhid Faith, connection with GOD and each other.

    As a member of the American Business Council of Dubai and the Northern Emirates (ABC), he served on the 2008 Nomination Committee, Chair of the 2002 Overseas Security Advisory Committee (OSAC).  In 2003, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the ABC and was the OSAC liaison.

    He is also an active member of the World Trade Club, Dubai where he hosts the monthly members’ luncheon.  Dr. Hamden is on the Steering Committee of the WTC.

    His original Rotary International group was the Rotary Club of Washington DC. Dr. Hamden was elected to the 2006-2009 Board of Directors and 2nd Vice President (2007-2008) of the Rotary Club of DubaiHe developed the program protocol, headed the vocational services and Rotary Foundation project for the club. Today, he is an active Paul Harris Rotarian member of Rotary International.

    His original Rotary International group was the Rotary Club of Washington DC. Dr. Hamden was elected to the 2006-2009 Board of Directors and 2nd Vice President (2007-2008) of the Rotary Club of Dubai. He developed the program protocol, headed the vocational services and Rotary Foundation project for the club. Today, he is an active Paul Harris Rotarian member of the e-Rotary Club NY1.