Reporting Fingerprint Examiner

Metropolitan Police

Salary: £35,335 to £40,222 plus £2,148 location allowance. You will receive £35,335 the band minimum. Progress to the band maximum of £40,222 will be via incremental progression.

Location: Based at Lambeth HQ, but may be posted within the London area based on operational needs.

Closing date: 11:55pm, 2 February 2021

Forensic services
Within the MPS, the Directorate of Forensic Services contributes towards making London safer by providing an invaluable forensic response to the capitals complex policing challenges. Delivering a wide range of technical and scientific expertise we are at the forefront of investigations assisting our police colleagues in solving crimes and bringing offenders to justice.

Secure operation forensic service (SOFS) – fingerprint (proactive).
SOFS – fingerprint team founded over 40 years ago in response to the increasing demand in Counter Terrorism and Domestic Extremism threats nationally and internationally. The team now provides the forensic services to Counter Terrorism Policing and other national security partners across the UK and worldwide. They plays an active role in maintaining border protection through the processing of fingerprints taken under Counter Terrorism Legislation and for those seeking entry into UK mainland. As a reporting fingerprint examiner (RFE) on secure operations you will be initially focused on undertaking activities within the Counter Terrorism Fingerprint Database, processing submissions from key customers and reporting outcomes directly to the customers as well as being responsible for data exchange activity with all partners, nationally and internationally. The team has a direct link to the MPS Fingerprint Bureau, founded in 1901 and today servicing a diverse city of nearly 9 million, so there is an expectancy that over time staff will rotate between SOFS and the Main Fingerprint Bureau which gives an RFE an opportunity to work across a range of crime types including serious Crime, rape and homicide.

Role description
To provide a professional, efficient and effective fingerprint examination provision to the Metropolitan Police Service, Criminal Justice System and external agencies, with the appropriate vetting level.
To ensure the quality standards are satisfied.
To provide an accurate technical fingerprint examination and verification service.
To assist senior reporting fingerprint examiners (SRFE) in delivering the highest level of fingerprint expertise to support investigations and the Criminal Justice System.
Knowledge, skills & experience
The reporting fingerprint examiner (RFE) will have successfully completed the appropriate fingerprint training courses. The role holder must be an experienced practitioner with an extensive knowledge of the fingerprint domain, a good understanding of all disciplines within the Directorate of Forensic Services and will have gained a wide-ranging experience within a range of fingerprint casework of varying complexity. The RFE must operate with a thorough knowledge of CRIS, PNC, IDENT 1, (AFIS systems) and any other computerised systems required for efficient service delivery.
The individual will demonstrate continual competence in all key technical activities, through competency and proficiency testing programmes. The individual is expected to attend available CPD courses in addition to taking responsibility for their own continuing professional development. They must keep up to date with the development of both internal and external developments within the field of fingerprints.
The individual will be highly self-motivated with excellent communication skills (written and oral) and have the ability to work effectively, under pressure. The RFE must be able to articulate their findings to fellow practitioners and non-practitioners.
Key activities
The RFE will assist in the delivery of the fingerprint service to the investigation team, in high profile or complex cases and the judicial system. The RFE will deliver the agreed fingerprint strategies and case management negotiated with the SRFE. They will manage and organise casework in accordance with service level agreements and operational demands. They must ensure that the most effective application of fingerprint expertise, skills and knowledge is used to identify offenders in support of the achievement of judicial disposal targets.
The RFE will consult with and advise both the fingerprint team leader and the SRFE, as appropriate, in the deployment of the resources necessary for the completion of technical casework. Liaise with relevant stakeholders to help devise forensic strategies and assist the SRFE with service delivery. Assess, evaluate, examine and maximize the forensic potential from exhibits presented direct from Police and agency officers.
Use training, experience and expert judgements to analyse, compare and evaluate crime scene marks. Use professional judgment to determine the quality of marks and the most effective method of processing case material to support an investigation. Provide accurate and detailed notes describing observations and interpretations of finger mark analysis. Provide and articulate a rationale for personal opinions.
The RFE will be expected to provide the final verification and critical findings check in noncomplex and/or intelligence lead technical decisions. The verifier is the gatekeeper between the Fingerprint Bureau and the Criminal Justice system and the RFE will be held accountable for their decisions made when communicating a result.
The RFE will be responsible for the preparation and presentation of evidential requests pertaining to Streamlined Forensic Reporting, proof of identity and proof of conviction judicial requests.
Act as a resource for dispensing expert knowledge in the workplace and assist the SRFE to perform the role of mentor/trainer, providing advice and guidance for professional development.
To work within the Directorate’s Quality Management System and actively participate in the continuous improvement of the system by engaging in audits, competence tests, reporting non-conformances, etc. and suggesting changes to improve the system.
Additional information
The RFE will be required to work a 24/7 rotational shift pattern attracting 20% for periods of approximately 4 months at a time and office hours when not on shift between the hours of 07.00-18.00.
Must consent to have personal DNA profile and fingerprints placed on Police Elimination databases.
The RFE may be required to have the appropriate inoculations to undertake this role.
Obtain, on a voluntary basis, friction ridge detail from cadavers.

  • Forensic Laboratory Technician

    Welshpool, UK

    Dyfed Powys Police

    • Full Time
  • Crime Scene Investigator (Qualified)

    Aberystwyth, Brecon, UK

    Dyfed Powys Police

    • Full Time
  • Digital Forensic Investigator (Entry)

    Bradford, UK

    West Yorkshire Police

    • Full Time
  • March 19, 2021