Fraud Analyst


  • Full Time

About the Job

We are looking for a Fraud Analyst to efficiently and effectively manage fraud related issues. This role is primarily responsible for developing and implementing action plans for detecting fraudulent activities in the organisation.

The candidate should be familiar with legal and regulatory guidelines and best practices and should also be of high ethical standard. The Senior Fraud Analyst is responsible for analysing transaction trends, developing fraud prevention strategies, and executing processes that will help us keep fraud levels below our acceptable thresholds.

Experience as a Fraud Management professional. In-depth knowledge of the industry’s standards and regulations. Excellent knowledge of reporting procedures and record keeping. A business acumen partnered with a dedication to legality. Methodical and diligent with outstanding planning abilities.

Here’s an example of what your day to day at Quidax might look like:

  • Fraud Monitoring, Analysis, Investigation and Resolution. Proactively monitor and review account and transaction data for suspicious activity and possible fraud.

  • Utilise various data analysis and accounting tools in collecting, sorting and analysing transaction data to obtain results which reveal inconsistencies as well as the possible suspects.

  • Identify business areas requiring increased security to protect the company and customers from future incidents of fraud, provide recommendations on possible mitigants.

  • Respond to fraud queries across the multiple channels. Liaise with internal teams, customers, banks, law enforcement and any 3rd party involved.

  • Design and implement processes effective for the prevention or minimization of fraud risks.

  • Maintain record of investigative operations and findings, root causes, impact and possible risk mitigations.

  • Create Fraud rules, test and provide feedback on process and system improvements based on changing fraud trends and patterns.

  • Work closely with internal functions including Operations, Customer Support, and Compliance. Liaise with legal and compliance to develop and execute plans for the resolution of fraud cases.

  • Prepare reports for senior management and external regulatory bodies as appropriate.

  • Other roles as assigned.

What you need to have

  • 3-4 years’ experience as a Fraud Analyst preferably in financial services.

  • Possess a solid understanding of fraud trends and have experience using technology to detect, prevent, investigate and optimise fraud processes.

  • Certification in a fraud related discipline, such as Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

  • Proficiency in SQL/ Advanced Excel or any other data manipulation tool.

  • Strong analytical, communication, and organisational skills.

  • Ability to operate with minimal supervision, and high degree of autonomy.

  • Strong attention to detail, ability to spot patterns and investigate.

  • Have managed a fraud tool and/or written fraud rules that help with reducing fraudulent occurrences.

Nice to haves

  • A Fraud Certification (CFE)

  • Crypto experience

How to apply

Please send an application tailored to the role that speaks to us. A lot of people send in bland generic applications and it is easy and very helpful to stand out, especially when someone has been going through 100 applications, endeavour to make your application the breath of fresh air. We appreciate your great writing and you taking the time to put your application together.

We would most likely send you a test should you get through the application stage, please imagine you are already part of the team and walk us through your thinking about the problems we present.

What our hiring process looks like

It’s a 3-step quick process!

✅ Intro call with the recruiter

✅ 1hr call with the hiring team lead

✅ 45mins culture fit interview

Job Overview
  • Remote/WFH

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